2017 Debut Shows in Dallas


    A curated cast of storytelling artists with Dallas roots performed two sold out Word of Mouth: Artists' Stories & Inspirations shows in July, 2017 at Checkered Past Winery in Dallas’ arty neighborhood, The Cedars. The show was conceived by author Donald Griswold and songwriter/musician George Bradford. Griswold and Bradford headlined both shows, performing together blending Bradford’s original music, readings from Griswold’s novel, Dying Light and personal storytelling by both artists.

    Devon Kodzis, a performer and instructor at Dallas Comedy House, opened the shows with a comedic story from her childhood. Her extemporaneous storytelling about early inspirations for her pursuit of comedy opened both shows on a light, yet meaningful note, setting the bar for strong storytelling.

    Truth & Daring Creative Director Tami Stowe established a tone of formal storytelling with a deeply personal story. Her personal story about a lost relationship and the hope inspired by sharing personal memoirs demonstrated the power of storytelling, which is one of Stowe’s many creative inspirations.

    Psychologist Jessica Tartaro, Ph.D. told the compelling story about how following a passion for dance helped her form the basis for both personal understanding and a career as an Orgasmic Intimacy Coach. Jessica’s story spun like an adventurous travelogue guided by the power, creativity and humanity of dance. Jessica delighted those in attendance when she declared she was a “dancing psychologist!”

    English professor Julie S. Fuller, Ph.D amused and won over the audiences with readings of her original poetry. A published poet teaching poetry, creative writing and fiction at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, Julie’s work evoked her wisdom and homespun sensibilities while exploring complicated adult themes. Julie’s affable, engaging performances were a highlight of both evenings.

    Journalist and writer Hal Karp recounted a story about an inspiration to pursue a career in journalism. Hal told the story about how, early in his career, he broke a major national story for Reader’s Digest on the seemingly innocuous topic of child safety seats. Karp’s personal connection to the story shocked the audiences with personal twist when he learned he saved the life of a two children after properly fastening their child safety seats.

    Donald Griswold and George Bradford performed together in both shows.  Bradford told stories of the inspiration for songs Troubled Times, Birmingham Steel, Robert Anthony Madden and The Cowboy Code among others.  Griswold read sections from Dying Light and told a personal memoir about his friend Jon Theobald, whose untimely passing in his forties inspired Griswold’s second novel, Gun Barrel City.



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