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    The artists who perform in Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations have art and talent to share with you.  Here, in our Artists’ Market, you can bring their talents and offerings into your world.  Become of a patron today.

    Order Donald Griswold’s new novel: Dying Light

    “Readers seeking a memorable story filled with poetic phrases, thought-provoking moments, and a non-linear plot that challenges one to think will find Dying Light the perfect ticket for an absorbing, winning, reflective read.”  - The Midwest Book Review.

    Order George Bradford’s new CD, Troubled Times

    George Bradford’s music is personal.  It’s DIY pure.  Every element from writing to performing to distribution is done by hand.  As George says, “By me.  From me.  To you.”  Troubled Times is George Bradford’s seventh release.

    Meet Our Dallas 2017 Cast

    Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations made its debut with two sold-out shows in Dallas Texas in July, 2017 at Checkered Past Winery in The Cedars.  Here are the artists who performed at both shows.

    Dr. Jessica Tartaro - Dancer

    Dr. Jessica Tartaro is a dancing psychologist and intimacy coach. Through playful, laser sharp facilitation, she weaves words and movement to take clients deeper into the fire of their creative, embodied selves.  Jessica’s psychology and intimacy coaching practice includes communication games, contact-based dance classes and women’s ecstatic dance.

    Dr. Julie S. Fuller - Poet

    Dr. Julie Steward Fuller is a Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing at Samford University. Her poetry and literary criticism have appeared in Mental Floss, The Midwest Quarterly, and The Kennesaw Review, to name a few.  Julie supports many The American Association of University Women and asks you consider doing the same.

    Tami Stowe - Storyteller

    As the Creative Director of Truth & Daring, Tami Stowe seeks out new Dallas-area storytellers and offers them an opportunity to experience the power of storytelling in an open-mike format.  As one of Dallas’ leading supporters of storytelling, Tami hosts Truth & Daring each month at Checkered Past Winery in one of Dallas’ most art-friendly neighborhoods, The Cedars.

    Devon Kodzis - Comedienne

    Devon Kodzis has performed in Dallas-area shows such as Ladies Night, Gettin’ It Storytelling, Truth & Daring and the 2017 Dallas Comedy Festival. Devon has written and participated in more than one hundred shows on- and off-stage. A rising star in storytelling in North Texas, Devon teach storytelling classes at Dallas Comedy House in Deep Ellum.

    Hal Karp - Writer/Journalist

    Hal Karp is an award-winning journalist published in 19 languages. As a Contributing Editor/Writer for Reader’s Digest, Parents, and Family Circle, Hal broke numerous national stories. Hal’s investigative reporting was featured in the HBO and Magnolia Pictures documentary Tickled.  An experienced educator, Hal works with students and adults as a tutor and editor.

    Meet Our Atlanta 2018 Cast

    Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations makes its Atlanta debut at Kavana in Decatur, GA on February 23, 2018.  Here are the artists scheduled to perform at our Atlanta shows.

    Tom Bell - Storyteller


    Kristen Englenz - Songwriter

    Meet Our Dallas 2018 Cast

    Word of Mouth: Artists’ Stories & Inspirations is planning a performance for February 15, 2018 benefitting Women Called Moses, a Dallas-area domestic violence support service.

    Rebecca Lopez - Journalist

    Rebecca Lopez is the senior crime and justice reporter for WFAA-TV in Dallas. Rebecca has won Associated Press Awards, Emmy Awards and The National Edward R. Murrow Award for coverage and focus on domestic violence. Rebecca encourages support of Women Called Moses a non-profit organization assisting victims of domestic violence.
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